• Born in 1985, Cádiz. SP.
  • Based in Berlin.


  • 2010 – 2013
    School of Visual Arts, Leon, SP.
    Visual Arts and Graphic Design
  • 2013 Berlin, Erasmus Mobility Fellowship by Yorgos Sapountzis (b. 1976 Athens).
  • 2015 Freelancer Visual Artist.


Zahra Luengo, 1985 Cádiz. Spain

Zahra professional’s work began in 2011 (Leon, SP). While she was finishing her graduate in Printing Arts and Graphic Design she joined the occupied social center “La Nave”. There she has got her first studio and starts to develop the itinerant project “OVERLAYER”, collecting public advertisements and experimenting on it like layers, as an archeological character and as a means of uncovering historical information.

Since 2013 based her studio in Berlin, to continuous developing her artistic career by her acute observational nature around different geographies. This devotion to research the streets looking for publicity and advertisements has allowed to truly find her own language and growth as an artist.

Based in Collage and Dècollage, trying to decipher the hidden message of the city through the walls of the streets. Bringing an universe near of the citizen and raising a dynamic collection of fragments of reality interlaced in the urban space.

Since 2015 she forms part of ABM as Interior Designer.


Zahra works through the experimentation with advertisements, graphic material and affiches founded and collected around the cities that she explores. Uncovering the anatomy of the wallpapers,  striping the streets and shedding the old skin of its walls. And so began their conversation which developed into a secret intimate language between the artist and the city. Looking for hidden messages which the city cleverly hides. She reads them, collects them and puts them back together in a new creation of re-glued pieces of skin carrying the geography of past movements and the background map of the city as a grand collage. 

In Metropolis, mass media occupy the urban gaze, forming part of the contemplation field. Decollage is a process of deconstruction and transformation, creating a strong contrast between our inner and outer worlds. Discovering advertisements and mass media like artistic expression of the message of the city.

Zahra’s studio. Berlin, 2016


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