LeFLUX- In April 2017 I was invited by Katharsis Gallery to explore the streets from Lyon (FR) as artist in Residence; collecting affiches and advertisements around the differents inner-geographies from the city and stripping through the walls the unveiled message, as a trying to decipher the secret language of the Metropolis.

Nouveau Réalisme (New realism)  Paris’ answer to the American Pop Art movement. This was a mostly Paris-based group (which included Yves Klein and Christo and was created with the help of critic Pierre Restany), although Rotella was Italian and moved back to Italy shortly after the group was formed. It consists in extract the defaced poster from its original context and to take it into areas of poetry, photography, or painting.

Le-Flux exhibition at Katharsis Gallery (Lyon, April 2017) the result of a project of artistic residencies carried out during the last three months, brought together artists from various backgrounds and fields from all over Europe.



“…right now all your destinies are possibles.”
Material collected from the street
60×84 cm




Dreams come through
Collage 2017
23×30 cm